Istanbul Hotels

Istanbul Hotels

Where to stay in Istanbul

The main areas to stay in Istanbul are the Taksim area ( New City ) and Sultanahmet on the european side of the city. Istanbul offers many different faces, its districts are very diverse and are like cities in the city. They are all very different, inhabited by distinct populations with their own lifestyles. Some are animated until the early hours, in others the nightlife is virtually non-existent.


Depending on your expectations you will be satisfied by some neighborhoods more than others. The main challenge of finding a place to stay is to choose your neighborhood right to be sure to spend a nice vacation. We will give you a breakdown of the Istanbul neighborhoods so you can decide.



Sultanahmet is a particularly best place to stay in Istanbul for first time visitors. The major sightseeing attractions are on Sultanahmet Square, where you’ll find the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia; two of the most recognisable landmarks in the Mediterranean. Sultanahmet is a popular area for tourists and there are many hotels to stay at here, even within walking distance to the square.



This is where you’ll find best 5 Stars hotels in Istanbul, but they are worth the price. The location is great for those looking to make the most out of Istanbul’s nightlife as there are bars and clubs in the area, just walking distance away. Taksim Square is the modern center of the city, full of galleries, restaurants, shops; it is the most popular area for locals.

Golden Horn


The Golden Horn district is popular for its estuary. This is called the Golden Horn estuary and is famous for its scenery. A favorite pastime here is to sit in one of its parks and watch the sun setting into the sea in the distance. The Golden Horn district still shows remnants of its Ottoman past, but does not have the popularity of its more illustrious neighbour, New City, which means that there are fewer tourists and more opportunity to discover an authentically Turkish part of Istanbul.


It’s a charming little district of Istanbul located on the Bosphorus and known for its beautiful mosque and its small square with its cafés and restaurants.

Asian Side


The Asian side of Istanbul is predominantly a hub for business, and tends to be more attractive to workers than tourists. Nonetheless, Camlıca Hill is one of the highest hills in the city and is popular among locals and tourists. Its far-reaching views of Istanbul make for a pleasant setting for the café at the summit. There is also a park, which is a perfect way to unwind from the energy of the city below. Kadıköy and Üsküdar are the most popular areas here, but be sure to check out the neighborhoods by the Mamara coast to see the typically Mediterranean and colorful streets.

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