Ramadan in Turkey

What is Ramadan?

One of the most important time of the year for Muslims it is the time of Ramadan. A special time of celebration, prayer and fasting. Durin Ramadan, each year Muslims around the world observe fasting during daylight hours.

How is it to travel during Ramadan in Turkey?

Turkey is probably one of the countries with Muslim presence where you will less notice this religious time. Although more than 95% of Turkish are declared Muslims, the state of Turkey is a secular state with Islamic influences since 1924, so the religious restrictions are not mandatory for those living or visiting the country.

You'll find that in tourist areas it doesn't make much difference - as a non-Muslim you are not expected to fast - and all the restaurants and bars are open for business as usual.

Ramadan Feast in Turkey

The Ramadan Feast is an official holiday that continues for three days in Turkey. Administration buildings, schools and most businesses are closed during this period. Public transport may run less frequently, and fares are usually lower compared to regular days.

Highways may be overcrowded, especially in the morning of the first day and in the afternoon of the last day of the Ramadan Feast, as many people travel on these days.

The Ramadan Feast has an alternative name in Turkey, the Sugar Feast (Şeker Bayramı), because people treat their guests to sweets and traditional desserts during the festival. It is customary to visit one's relatives, especially older ones, and kiss their hand as a sign of respect. Children may go door-to-door, kissing hands of the grown-ups and receiving sweets and small amounts of money in return.


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