Istanbul Layover Day Tour from Airport

Istanbul Layover Day Tour from Airport

City: Istanbul


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About This Activity

Take advantage of extended layover time in Istanbul on a round-trip tour of city highlights from the airport, customized to suit your interests and schedule. Zip with ease between iconic sights such as the Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, or Topkapı Palace, and benefit from historic and cultural insights provided by your professional guide.

Duration: 4 to 8 Hours

Highlights: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern

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What to Expect

Pick you up from Istanbul Airport between 07:00 am. - 08:00 am. and you will meet your tour guide in Old City Sultanahmet. The tour is customizable so you can change things to suit your interests and available time. Itinerary is mentioned below which are the most popular attractions in Old City Sultanahmet


Blue Mosque

Sultanahmet Mosque (called in turkish) took its name from the ruler at the time of its construction, Sultan Ahmet I (1590 -1617), the 14th emperor of the Ottoman Empire. Constructed between 1609 and 1616, it is also known as the Blue Mosque for its mass of 20,000 blue and green toned tiles adorning its ceiling.


Hagia Sophia

The Byzantine emperor Justinian I had Hagia Sophia built, in all its glory, in under five and a half years. Completed in 537AD, this patriarchal basilica remained the largest cathedral in the world until 1453, when Constantinople was conquered by Ottoman armies and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque and it is a museum right now.


Hippodrome and Obelisk

Center of sportive (chariot races, athletics) events and political activities of the old city. Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpentine Column, German Fountain of Wilhelm II are the monuments decorating Hippodrome.


Grand Bazaar

It was built in 1464 by order of Mehmed II and has served the needs of the city ever since. Today it is one of the biggest covered markets in the entire world. With literally thousands of shops selling everything from t-shirts and lamp,leather jackets to expensive jewelry and antiques,Turkish rugs in the universe.


Topkapi Palace

The Palace was the official residence of Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years. In 1924 Topkapi Palace was converted into a museum in 1985 it became an official part of Istanbul’s Old City’s designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Basilica Cistern

Constructed for Justinianus I, the Byzantium Emperor (527-565), this big underground water reservoir is called as “Yerebatan Cistern” among the public because of the underground marble columns. As there used to be a basilica in the place of the cistern, it is also called Basilica Cistern.


Little Hagia Sophia

The mosque is known as one of the oldest standing churches in Istanbul dating back to 6th century. It's early domed-basilica architectural plan of famous Hagia Sophia which was applied here first time in the history. Temple is founded by powerful emperor Justinianos whose reign was golden age of Roman Empie and now is used as a mosque since 1497.


End of the tour you will be transferred to Istanbul Airport

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