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  • Istanbul is a dream destination, it’s located in the edge of Europe where east meets west. Connecting the two continents, the city hides layers of history, culture, colors and scents. The architecture, the food, everything in Istanbul tells a story. The city is busy, fast, never stops, but when you need a break from all this fervid life there is always a nice garden, a small tea house or a mosque where you can seat, breath and relax.
  • I have been looking for the some of the best places to visit in Turkey to enjoy my trip as much as possible. i am getting this article on top of Google search. https://letsflybd.com/6-beautiful-places-to-visit-in-turkey/ Now i am confused, should i visit only these places or are there few more like this. Thanks
  • One of the best ways to enjoy your holiday is by moving out of your present environment. You can still enjoy your holiday while staying put but it somewhat defeats the idea if you cannot book economy class flights to Japan for a holiday. We will not be talking about Japan today, our focus will be about Turkey. This is a country with so much to cover the needs of virtually everyone who wants a holiday that will be remarkable and memorable. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia Cappadocia is a place filled with so much for someone who actually wants an enjoyable holiday. Visiting this city will thrill you more than first class flights to Brisbane . There are lots of attractions in this city and hot air ballooning is just one of them. The view you will get while watching the sun set from up there is mesmerizing. This is besides the fact that you can have champagne while you watch a movie in your hot air balloon. Climbing Mount Ararat This is not for those who love adventures or want that adrenaline rush. This is for those who want to enjoy the holiday in general. With a five day climb, you will be standing at the glacier clad summit where Turkey , Iran and Armenia meets. You will also be giving a great view as you will be standing at a whooping seventeen thousand feet above see level. You cannot imagine well enough what the view will be like till you are up there. Canoe the coastline region of Mugla This region boasts over six hundred and eighty metres of coastline. This means you have six hundred and eighty metres of fun, adventure and relaxation. You can go on a safari ride, take a dive, do some climbing, kayaking or canoeing. If you want to unlock your sense of adventure and fun, Mugla has the master keys. Gulet cruising to various destinations This will beat first class flights to Brisbane hands down. You will make someone who owns a yatch jealous riding in these. This is advised for those who are used to city life. The Gulet cruise is a good way to relax and breathe in the clean and fresh air. A three to four days ride will do so much to your mind and body in terms of rejuvenation. The most popular route is from Olympus to Fethiye . Enjoy the underwater view from In Istanbul vast aquarium This a good way to enjoy your stay in Turkey without getting all pumped up. Sometimes people just want to be awed and not partaking in adrenaline pumping activities. If you are one of those then the In Istanbul vast aquarium is what you will enjoy. The view is so beautiful and alive that it makes you feel like you are inside of the aquarium. This aquarium is teeming with different species of underwater creatures found in the sixteen water bodies around the world. There is so much to enjoy in Turkey but these five rank top in my opinion. Let us not forget about Turkish delicacies. No holiday in Turkey will be complete without them. Do not be scared to give your taste buds something new to try. Author Biography Abi Cool is the founder of https://cheapflyair.com – An ultimate resource of cheap air tickets and a travel blog. His interests lie in Digital Marketing Management. He is an internet marketing enthusiast and his specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.

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