Aug 13, 2017

Do i need a Turkey transit VISA at Istanbul airport


I am travelling to India from USA with stop over of Four hours at Istanbul airport. My student VISA is expired. Do I need any transit/travel VISA?

Aug 13, 2017

Hi, Mozabro,


There is no transit visa in Turkey. During your 4 hours at the airport, you will simply use the transit lounge, arrive at one gate and depart from another. You do not need any visa, if you are not going to leave the international transit area.

2 days ago

Hello! What is the best way to get from Turkey to the UK? Of course, I am going to fly by plane, but which is the best airline to choose? Do I need a visa there? By the way, where is it better to stop? renting an apartment or book a hotel? in any case, I will need a London postcode map, can anyone advise me a good one?

a day ago

Hi Anton,


I would suggest you two airlines from Istanbul to London, Turkish Airlines or British Airways these two airline company are the best.


I need to know which country's passport you have to give some information for applying visa. You can also find information from official site


There are many different types of accommodation in the city center of Istanbul and this is a bit related to your choice and budget. Taksim and Sultanahmet regions are the best places to stay in Istanbul you can have a look for Istanbul Hotels


I wish you will have a good trip...


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